[3-4.2] Make Zurich 2017

The Open Network Infrastructure Association, mentioned on this forum before, is pursing important next steps in creating data about the physical world - with the capability to do this at scale now possible at a grassroots level and openly licensed. We are helping their first volunteer run event in February - Make Zurich 2017 - with platforms and guidelines, helping to ensure a high quality and innovative platform for all participants.

If you think it is unfair if only kids and engineers get to play with electronics, if you want to get into the Internet of (Open) Things, if you think it would be cool to analyse, correlate and visualise data from DIY sensors - come out and join us at the beginning of February by registering here!

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Oleg and I are at MakeZurich right now collecting data from different projects, getting them into csv format and visualising them.

You can see our project here.

For any questions please just post below.

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The first Make Zurich was really awesome! I learned a ton about electronics and new types of networks, thanks to fellow organisers and participants. Heidi and I even managed to start a project:


Visit The Things Network blog, Stadt Zürich, NZZ, Netzwoche, Twitter for first reports and pictures!

Here is what the hackathon looked like in the data. This image shows project activity in our platform (now.makezurich.ch) over the course of the week:


This image generated by Slack summarises the activity of the TTN community during this time:


The download link above is a log file of interactions with @makebot, our chatbot.

Web analytics sessions between Nov 22nd 2016 - Feb 6th 2017:

Summary of various metrics in the same period:

Bookings for MakeZurich between 10th January and 5th February:

Bookings by country: