[28-31.5] #VersusVirus May edition

With apologies for being AFK on a long planned outing, and with much kudos to the team for producing a successful second edition of #VersusVirus, here are a few highlights of the results. You’ll find all the submissions now published directly using the vsvirus app at https://app.versusvirus.ch/submissions

Team 1011 - Corona Reduit continued their project from April with new research and dashboards into the problem of finding suitable housing for disease afflicted and risk groups.

Team 1003 - WasteWater Data applied themselves to the question of providing „access to wastewater data in a simple, transparent and in an easy to understand format to empower the users“. While a relatively established company pushing already certified products is behind this project, which already started in the April edition, it’s good to see a serious question being addressed with debate around data sharing in a urban context.

Team 88 - Crowdy started as the Underwägs project in the April edition, where they received funding to continue the project, which was also released at the EU hackathon. Last weekend they created a compelling prototype of their tool to heatmap crowd density in cities using Google data, which you can find on GitHub.

Team 1018 - Covid 19 trials is developing a website to geo-localise clinical trial sites where studies or tests are in progress for a cure/vaccine for the Coronavirus. Their compelling visualizations address a key issue in supporting scientific proress through the sharing of research data - or at least, in this case, indicators about research work. Props for thoroughly documenting their progress. To explore the data yourself, visit https://covid19trials.world/

Well done all of you participants and organizers. Stay tuned for more hackathons this summer!