[28-29.8] Open Energy Hackdays

Here we go again!

After Covid-19 nearly aborted our spring edition of the Energy Data Hackdays, we’re running a second 2020 edition at the end of this month - with plenty of masks, desinfectant, soap and other :muscle: components ready :zap: as part of the updated safety plan on location in Brugg. Virtual participation is still possible using online platforms, as long as you can form your own virtual team.

Register here for more details, and see/chat you soon!

We’ve been hard at work refreshing the master list of energy datasets both in terms of content, and format. You’ll see plenty of new entries in there including ones recently submitted by the community. We still publish it to a Data Package, and newly it is available as a convenient Airtable for browsing all submissions and suggesting others.

If you would like to help us prepare more datasets, the easiest way to start is by browsing the suggestions, then downloading open data in tabular format (Excel, CSV, TSV, …), which you can convert to CSV format with UTF-8 encoding with spreadsheet software.

Then we suggest using Data Package creator (pictured above) to upload the CSV file, download a datapackage.json file and add it to a copy of our template repository. Send us a note via the issues list with a link to your online folder and we will add it to the freshly deployed Datacentral location where we will track packaging efforts: https://energy.schoolofdata.ch/

A couple of impressions via social media: