[27-28.3] Open Legal Lab

The Open Legal Lab is a two-day event and offers the opportunity to jointly develop new ideas and creative solutions for the Swiss legal system. All legal scholars, legal tech enthusiasts, as well as all interested designers*, programmers*, data analysts*, students* and other creative minds interested in Swiss law are invited to attend. Our experience shows that such collaborative and interdisciplinary formats - a.k.a. „Hackdays“ - make a valuable contribution to the development of new solutions to complex problems. Details and registration (currently in German only) at open-legal-lab.ch

As a good warm up to the topic here, the @BeobachterRat and @entscheidsuche projects are crowdsourcing tips on fictitiously served penalty orders on the website https://sichermelden.ch

You can read the background article (in German), which summarizes some initial data collection efforts from an academic project. I would be happy to hear from similar projects across the open data network. A lot of interesting challenges have already been posted in preparation to the event in two weeks - looking forward to see you there!

The hackathon was a blast. Thank you to the hosts and fellow organizers, and especially to everyone who came and kicked up the dust on our sporty event with lawyers/hacks/hackers on the hill. You’ll find stories of the experience on our social media, while dribdat has the data, as usual:

In addition to the 12 fantastic projects pitched, don’t miss our recommended tools for data and design:

We hope and plan to continue the Open Legal Lab as an event series and grassroots community, and all are welcome to continue submitting datasets and interesting efforts to open and standardize data from the field at https://data.openlegallab.ch

A neat additional way to browse our projects and challenges: https://openlegallab.vercel.app/

Check out this review (in German) courtesy of @dhuerlimann at BFH:

Do you have any other thoughts or comments? Share them here or at #openlegallab - where it’s really nice to see these kinds of reactions:

Remember to :1st_place_medal: thank :heart_decoration: your contributors after a hackathon or a pull request. Then chances are better that they will be around again for another hack!

The first OLL event has offered a chance to network with people in the open data world and explore a number of questions around around legal decisionmaking - creating opportunity for visibility which is very important for the community. More follow up and activities and sponsorship is what will make the difference in future events. Stay tuned! :tv:

“I am a lawyer, and a coder. (There’s not a great word for this. Developer? Civic hacker? Programmer?)”