[27.10] Tourism.Opendata.ch

On the 27. - 28. October 2017 we are running a hackathon in Arosa on the topic of innovation in and the future of tourism. Ideas (Challenges) for a Hackathon project can be suggested here.

There will be a workshop in Bern on October 19 to prepare datasets - get the details here. To get involved you can suggest a dataset, send us a note OR just sign into the forum and :heart: heart this post below if you would like to be involved.

If you can parse the German, I suggest taking a look through presentations from the last Opendata.ch conference, where the hackdays were announced, notably the keynote by Pascal Jenny (@TDkonge) - Wie der Schweizer Bergtourismus von Open Data profitieren kann (PDF), and the Open Tourism & Transport Data track: Christian Trachsel, Christian Helbling, Stefan Keller, and Andreas Liebrich.

A couple of projects on the theme can already be found on the old make.opendata.ch wiki, and there is at least one interesting initiative to check out in the Open Knowledge and School of Data network: the Belgian Open Tourism working group.

See you in :white_flower: Arosa ! Please visit http://tourism.opendata.ch for more information and to sign up.

All aboard the Open Data train!

Bahnhof Arosa 1914

A bunch of us going to Tourism.Opendata.ch have agreed to depart nice and early from Bern, hack (charge your batteries!) until Zürich, where we will take the 8:37 train to Chur, and finally catch the 10:08 scenic route up to Arosa and get there just in time for the start of the event :checkered_flag::slight_smile::+1:

If we are on the same train, let’s use the Slack channel to find each other.

Freitag 27.10.2017

ab 07:32 Bern - Gleis 7 (IC 707, Richtung: St. Gallen)
an 08:28 Zürich HB - Gleis 33

ab Zürich HB (Umsteigen)
an Zürich HB

ab 08:37 Zürich HB - Gleis 12 (ICE 1255, Richtung: Chur)
an 09:52 Chur - Gleis 8

ab Chur (Umsteigen)
an Chur

ab 10:08 Chur - Gleis 2 (R 1429, Richtung: Arosa)
an 11:09 Arosa - Gleis 1

Dauer 3 h 37 min, Umsteigevorgänge 2
Via SBB.ch, ohne Gewähr usw.

https://hack.opendata.ch/event/9 <-- results!