[24.4] Open Education Day 2021

At the Open Education Day organized next month by CH Open and PHBern, you can get access to know-how and experience on working as a teacher in Switzerland under the Lehrplan 21. With presentations, workshops and lightning talks about open source technologies, open content, media education and IT competencies, the Open Education Day covers a wide range of important topics to dive into with your whole class.

When: Saturday, April 24. 2021
Where: Hybrid (local & virtual)
Participation is free: Sign up here


In our workshop “Spielerisch-experimentell 2D-Grafikprogrammierung und -Animation kennenlernen” (Introduction to 2d graphics programming and animation with a playful and experimental approach), Jörg Berkel and I will introduce a toolset of code snippets and examples for creating individual animations and art on screen. Using web browsers with p5.js - a Web edition of the popular “Processing” creative coding environment - we will walk you trough several ways of creating choreography from colors, movement and scaling, randomness and interaction.

More information on the workshop can be found at openeducationday.ch and #OpenEducationDay :bird:

And if you can’t wait for the workshop, jump in and get started | p5.js then start mixing those pixels at Glitch :・゚✧ or just chart up your night life with Data from JSON - OpenProcessing :sparkles:

The weather was extremely nice on Saturday, so we had somewhat fewer participants than expected. Nevertheless, we had a great audience and a trim recording (auf Deutsch) is available here:


With our small gallery of examples here:

You are very welcome to contact us with questions or interest in joint projects! At the Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur association we have several projects with schools in planning and public events scheduled in the months ahead.