[24-26.8] BärnHäckt

The second edition of BärnHäckt will take place from 24 to 26 August 2018 (yes, un?fortunately overlapping with the TWIST2018 event in Zürich). This hackathon is organized by the local IT community, and features exciting code challenges that should particularly interest students and young professionals looking to up their game and get hired.

What’s of note this year is an Open Data challenge we’re excited about: the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations (Eidgenössische Stiftungsaufsicht) has submitted an exciting challenge to BärnHäckt: by means of open data and AI, the reporting of the foundations and audit offices as well as the supervisory function of the organization is to be automated as far as possible. The aim is to use the available data sources to develop unconventional and surprising solution concepts so that everyone involved can become more efficient and concentrate on the essentials! See http://www.stiftungsaufsicht.ch for more info in German.

Participation is free and includes meals, accommodation on campus and everything else you need during a weekend. Further information and registration at https://www.bernhackt.ch/#hacker