[23.11] Plurilinguism 4.0

At this hackathon organized by Forum Helveticum in cooperation with Opendata.ch, the future of multilingualism and understanding is being developed, with challenges like:

  • How can we use new technologies to improve language skills in Switzerland?
  • How can we optimise and strengthen communication between language communities?
  • How can we minimize possible negative effects of new technologies in this area?

Join us in Zurich on 23-24 November 2018 - for more information visit the forum-helveticum.ch, or just go ahead and ¶egister here.

Looking forward to a really interesting conference & hackathon starting tomorrow, with GREAT support from the Forum Helveticum so far! Check out all the challenges:


If you’re wondering what’s with the funky green one at the bottom right, wonder no more:

Thanks to Christine Matthey and colleagues at Forum Helveticum, and Nikki Böhler at Opendata.ch, for a seriously fun hackathon with an unusually diverse and engaged crowd! Check out all ten projects and discuter sin il medem nivel cun insatgi (discuss them eye-to-eye, via pledarigrond.ch)

In addition to helping with the organization, introducing „open resources / open results“ during the starting ceremony, and running a brief lunchtime workshop on open data publication, I worked with the team responding to challenge #5. Read more here:

Further impressions via #plurilinguism

RTR (Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha) has posted a review of the hackathon … in Rumansh, of course!