[21.9] OpenCon Switzerland

The first Swiss OpenCon satellite event will take place in Bern, Switzerland, on Friday 21 September 2018. It is organised with generous support from the Swiss National Science Foundation and will bring together students, researchers, librarians and policy makers - with a very strong focus on early career individuals - who are interested in sharing their experience or in learning more about accessibility of information in research and education.

If you are interested in brining a topic close to your heart, then the unconference, taking place on Saturday 22 September is a unique opportunity! There will be some time on Friday to share your plan for the next day with other participants. It can be a short presentation, a discussion, a workshop or any other format you think is most appropriate to share your thoughts or experience.

Book the dates, join us, share with your friends and colleagues, and get in touch if you have any question. Places are limited! We will confirm participation shortly after the deadline for registration (August 31) has passed.

We hope to see you in Bern in September!

ChloƩ, Anna, Joao and Luc