[20.10] DINAcon Hacknight

The DINAcon Hacknight is a way to learn about and contribute to Open Source projects in a hands-on way. This event is open to all and caters to all levels of technical skill. Our focus will be on all projects nominated and showcased at DINAcon 2017, with committers and experts available on hand to guide you through to your first bug report or code commit!


Room, refreshments and resources will be provided by a small but dedicated volunteer support team during a 6 hour mini-sprint starting at 18:00 on October 20. Teams that demonstrate dedication and potential to their hacks will be offered additional time, room and support to continue their projects by representatives of the community behind the DINAcon event.


The most important rule of the Hacknight is:

Be Excellent to each other.

For further guidelines of conduct, please refer to confcodeofconduct. As this is an open source event, we will encourage all teams to publish their work under open licenses in open repositories, such as but not restricted to GitHub. The organizers, sponsors, and event staff shall not claim or request any endorsement or special rights and privileges to any work you do at the Hacknight. All project documentation created or shared during the Hacknight for projects published as above will be republished and promoted under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license.

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A blog post summarising the experience and featuring several of the open source contributions made during the event: https://blog.datalets.ch/034/

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