[2-3.11] Wikidata training

Hi all, Wikimedia CH is organizing a Wikidata training on November 2 and 3 in Zürich . Wikidata is a structured data knowledge base that Google, Siri, and Alexa rely on, and it is “100% open data”. This training will take place in English. It aims at teaching:

  • how to query Wikidata with SPARQL
  • how to implement tools for Wikidata
  • how to invoke the API to code your own app
  • how to code a bot, how to import and link data
  • how to analyse Wikidata dumps
  • how to set up your own Wikibase
  • and possibly how to work effectively with MediaWiki extensions.

Practical details concerning the training, as well as the registration link, are on the event page at wikidata.org. The whole program will be posted there soon.

We supported past editions of these events, and are happy to answer any questions on this forum as well, especially if they involve combination with non-wikidata, e.g. government, research, community,… data sources.