[2-10.6] MakeZurich 2023

After a post-pandemic pause (PPP?..), the MakeZurich team has managed to find new energies, and brave the tides of change to bring another event to the Internet of Things and Open Hardware space in Switzerland. Connecting the national and international community of fans of The Things Network, this will be a headline event next month that I am proud to be supporting again.

If you are interested in collecting your own data, not just recycling someone else’s measurements. If you want to know what’s the true story behind all that smart city buzz. If you want to contribute your time for developing safer and more responsive urban spaces - this is the place to be! Some of the country’s most ingenius designers, communications specialists, and engineers of tiny devices that run for months on a small battery will gather to share knowledge, start projects, and engage in DIY tinkering and ethical hacking on behalf of their city. Participants of all skill levels are welcome to this open hackathon.

In short, please sign up and join us for this week-long event starting with challenge presentations on June 2, free training at FabLab Zurich, and concluding with a grandiose hackathon at ewz in Oerlikon on June 9 and 10! You’ll find all the details on the website, and I would be happy to hear questions and feedback from the open data community.

I’ve participated to the MakeZurich hackathon and was pretty excited by the vibe there.
I really liked the possibility to participate in the Open Challenge, where a friend and I had the possibility to present a Proof of Concept of the project we’re working on!

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Likewise! I just shared some notes about the experience here: