[18.9] Adventures in Data Visualization Food Edition

Hello everyone

From 18th to 21st September, I organize in Lugano Adventures in data visualization, a practical workshop dedicated to dataviz and open data through creative coding approaches.

This edition will focus on food data since it will take place during a festival called Lugano Città del Gusto.

I can offer three places to creative coders, developers, artists and designers of this community that would like to join the program as students or as assistants.

The information about the workshop are available here:

let me know if you are interested to join by 2nd September.
all the best


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Thanks @almostserena - I have been talking to people about this, and have directed a couple of interested candidates your way. You might also be interested to have a look through the results of our community Hackdays, the latest from yesterday, as material for the workshop:

Ciao Oleg

thanks for the precious references.
No registrations so far, but it is ok, we have 13 students and some other external participants.

I will keep you posted about the results of the workshop.

have nice day