[18.8] Machine Learning workshop

Save the date - we are planning a crash course at Effinger from 11:00-16:00 on August 18 in TensorFlow, facilitated by A. Rosa Castillo. If you are interested or want to know, like or comment this post !

More information at the meetup publication:


Looking forward to seeing you there! :smile:

The meetup is definitely taking place, though be aware that it will be happening upstairs at Effinger, and not in UG-2 as originally planned. Rosa has some great material lined up, room and refreshments are being provided thanks to Google, and we have a really interesting session to look ahead to!

Thank you to @Cyberosa for leading the workshop today! The Machine Learning Crash Course was at least double the fun with people around, and Rosa’s introduction conveyed the essential mathematics and terminology in a very sensible way. I look forward to hosting more Google Developer Group Bern events and machine learning tutorials. Photo and screenshot follows.

(Course exercises running on my local Jupyter instance to the left, and in Google’s Collaboratory platform on the right)