[17.2] Swiss Python Summit

It’s great to be back in Rapperswil, where we ran a workshop in 2017, this time to support the Swiss Python Summit. Featuring a great program of speakers, a lot of familiar faces, and lots of talk of code and data! Follow #SPS17 or join the #python channel in our Slack for coverage.

Many thanks to the organisers for hosting the event & putting up our poster, which is an interactive console on paper. We want to promote your code, especially if it is related to data wrangling. Any Post-It notes with Python code affixed to our poster will be run (in a sandbox) and the result posted. Code repos that people care to show & share will also be starred and tweeted.

See the code shared so far …

Notes from the event:

„It’s been a difficult task to create a program, considering we received 38 proposals and time only allows for a maximum of 9 slots.“

Program 2017 - Swiss Python Summit

[9:39 AM]
„In science, computation is costly, which holds us back from being adventurous“ ~@Gaël Varoquaux

[9:57 AM]
„Quality software is the cement of science“

[9:57 AM]
„Be a library. Don’t own the main

[10:02 AM] Radomir Dopieralski (@deshipu) starts with the Little Prince „…remember Arduino?“ :heart:

[10:06 AM] „I’ve got a lot of toys here“
(… holds up MicroPython board)

[10:09 AM]
gonzalocasas: @oleg hope you brought your makezurich badge with you! :smile:

… indeed …

[10:11 AM]
>>> import machine
so it begins (see quickref)

[10:15 AM]
coding in the console…? without iPython, it’s quite a pain




moving on:




markshannon/SAM is a Tiny Speech Synthesizer which can run on the Arduino. Nice.



A lesson in interactive debugging by Armin Rigo

[11:31 AM] oleg: @barnaby is up now to talk about swiss-asylum-judges: Analysing 30’000 verdicts on deportation appeals of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court

he was at a „computer assisted reporting“ course at Columbia last year where he learned Python

„Before I never programmed…now, I spend every day working with Python for my work“

every verdict is published anonymously, except for names and nationality of lawyers & judges




[11:48 AM]
Great question: „what were the pain points, what could this community do to make your work easier?“

A: „just look at the code… help journalists apply“

(In another recent thread, same sentiment…)

[11:51 AM]
Someone just brought up #Fight4OpenData

[11:52 AM]
A: „There’s going to be a legal battle there.“

Another good question… „Are you a pioneer?“

A: „a lot of efforts were put into visualisation…now things are getting really interesting with effort put into analysis“ (edited)

„You could also get into educating journalists to code“

:grimacing: point taken.

A cool presentation with a bit more perspective from Barnaby on #ddj from the Swiss ICT Symposium

[12:04 PM]
Next speaker is having us dive back into the nuts and bolts of the language

Like why br''or.0jif.1else-2 is valid Python code

…I didn’t know you can write complex numbers in pure Python - but @davidhalter luckily does

[12:09 PM] „Once you have an abstract syntax tree, you know if you have a valid Python program.“



[12:12 PM] Love it. ASCII art :slight_smile:


[12:17 PM] http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2390381 could actually be quite a fun thing to do on a weekend


[12:30 PM]
oleg My question in the form of an issue https://github.com/davidhalter/jedi/issues/600


oleg: for the record, I <3 Jedi and use it via the autocomplete Atom plugin.

https://jedi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/features.html is worth digging into too


[1:25 PM] oleg; Someone already trying to OCR one of the Post-Its. Only at Python Summit.

import antigravity#(py3)
False + True

^ what people posted over lunch

[2:04 PM]
Meanwhile Dan Maas is telling us why he loves Python and how he made parts of www.thunderrun.com with it

„The resources today are somehow inadequate to explaining how to write an asynchronous network server“

Game = Engine + Game Data + Art

Mmm… „MongoDB > ETL > SQL & map/reduce“

would be happy to hear mroe about their Analytics system


Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and MIT licensed.

[2:15 PM]
„We can add a lot of hacks without rewiring the internals…“

Not convinced I would choose Twisted over http://meinheld.org/ but I’m all for more addictive games made with Python!


[2:22 PM] A converging of many programming languages happening into a futures/promises direction happening, Python as well

oleg: Something that I’d like to know the basis for are the benchmark-wars with AsyncIO

more discussion on Asyncio here blog.gmludo.eu


Time for a lunch-break project - thanks @philippkueng for the encouragement :slight_smile:


Afternoon sessions:


[4:01 PM] „Thanks to the great open source community we have in Python“… in talking about a project to support Arabic writing ported from Android


In the next session, people from Sensirion.ch talked about their experience in using Python for developing embedded hardware and IoT applications.


[4:30 PM] Lots and lots of noisy data. The guys put stats tools to the limit! python-ivi sounds cool - see readme: it connects instruments on a bunch of different link types (serial, USB, etc).

[4:36 PM] oleg: It’s cool that he mentions a talk on CFFI from last year that influenced their development - community spirit.

[5:02 PM] +64% more beers sounds good!

[5:46 PM] gonzalocasas: I don’t have more info on sensirion, but we use python (almost exclusively) to do all sort of weird robotic juggling at this lab (ETH Zurich - Architecture und Digital Fabrication). You can see the joggling robot as part of the next exhibit at MuDA between Apr 1 and Jul 16.

…and that’s a wrap, folks!


^ all slides and recordings now available!