[17-18.9] Maker Faire Zürich

Maker Faire is a family-friendly festival for digital crafts and new technologies, with a focus on making, learning and sharing.

The Swiss Fab Labs have a booth, which will include our friends from Bern, Lugano, Starship Factory, MechArtLab and beyond. I went to a Maker Faire in the U.K. a few years ago and it was a blast - Maker Faires are fun for the whole family :smile_cat:

My presentation called On hackathons – opening doors to creativity talks about the journey from open source to hackerspace to open data hackathons, and the reasons why I’m excited about the School of Data!

A nod to my fellow speaker Urban Sand from Open Education Platform OpenKI, who said at one point that it has basically taken them 7+ years so far and they are still struggling, but stomping forward relentlessly nonetheless. An example to follow!

Word on the street is that the Make community in Zürich is about to hit pedal to the metal