[15-17.11] USI Hackathon

November 15-17, 2019 | Lugano, Switzerland

(via :wave: Brigitte Audeoud)

The USI Hackathon represents a first experiment in Lugano of an open data approach to share city-related data, in particular regarding city mobility flows. To this aim, a number of datasets concerning the city of Lugano and, in particular, its mobility, will be given to the participants. The City of Lugano will provide real data through the Lugano Living Lab initiative.

The goal of the USI Hackathon 2019 is to find interesting facts and trends in the data (data analysis track) and to leverage the data to build prototypes useful for citizens and tourists (coding track). In the coding track the teams with the best tool or prototype will be awarded, whereas in the data analysis track is all about producing the best data analysis. More details as well as examples of prototypes and analysis can be found in the FAQ.

Moreover, there will be a “Mini-Hackathon”, a special competition for kids and their families, will take place on Saturday (November 16) with an award ceremony at the end of the day.

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Some additional details on the data sources that will be featured next week.

Lugano Living Lab, an initiative promoted by the City of Lugano and USI, aims at offering a real-life lab experience in an urban context by making available data related to the territory for the production of meaningful digital services/products for citizens and tourists.

The City of Lugano and partner organizations provide to the participants of the hackathon anonymized (when applicable) relevant data, such as:

  • Demographics of the residents of the City of Lugano, provided by the statistics department of the City of Lugano
  • Bike-sharing flows through the City of Lugano (e.g., PubliBike)
  • Transaction data from the city of Lugano shops
  • Public transport data from TPL
  • Data from electric car recharging stations
  • Usage of boat transportation on the Lugano lake from Società di Navigazione del Lago di Lugano

Other sources are being evaluated (Swisscom data, hotel occupancy information, historical weather forecast data)

More than 100 hackers joined the event and the organizers were „super happy“ with the event and the projects! You can find all the video of their presentations (in Italian & English) on YouTube:

Some news are on our website hackathon.usi.ch and here are some of my fave tweets (#USIHackathon):