[14-15.5] Hackathon Ecovillages 2016

Ecovillages association is a non-profit organization, independent and neutral in political and denominational level. The association aims are to promote projects in the interest of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental - in particular mountain villages.

Ecovillages invites you to a hackathon on the 14 and 15 may 2016 in Les Diablerets, VD, CH.

This fifth edition will focus on the topic „smartvillages“, in echo of „smartcities“. The four best projects from the hackathon will be rewarded and also presented during the forum in august.

In the press:

Thanks for posting @Didier - this is a nice follow up to the Energy Hackdays and I hope to be able to make it to the event.

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I’m planning to take part on the weekend and have invited the community to join in. With just a month to go until the Opendata.ch conference in Lausanne, this should be a good way to get a head start in making eco-sense of open data now.

My goals are to reconnect with people in the French speaking part of Switzerland, support projects with any questions related to open data, promote our projects and work on ideas like this one we started at the Energy hackdays last month:

You can see a variety of other project challenges here.

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(Photo of demo hour via Facebook group)

It was a well organized event with some really interesting people, and a couple of cool projects coming out of it which are, in all likelihood, going to take on a life of their own. Thanks @Didier and team for an awesome eco-weekend!

One idea that I enjoyed watching develop and played with myself is something that should appeal to any snow-sport / mountain data fans. Basically a data drop of check-ins (skidata) and descents (GPX traces) was being used by one of the teams to visualise a busy day on the hillside.

I looked into the possibility of visualising the GPX traces using Swisstopo’s interactive maps. You can get a nice 2D visualisation of the profiles which overlap closely to the official skiing map, but in 2.5D mode there is an issue that they are currently working to resolve with an upstream project.

A longer-term way forward for this project would be to implement a custom 3D data viewer using swissALTI3D, then more detailed terrain mapping, and manage route display and custom animations at a more fine-grained level.

You can now test the app which prompted the discussions above at http://softwares.simnetsa.ch/Verbier/static/
…find the source code here https://github.com/zifeo/Ski-pulse …or watch this video presentation

Another project that has published source code is to control LED based on train departures and arrivals, which can be followed at http://github.com/sasha42/LED-controller/tree/hackathon with a short overview here:


it was a pleasure to organize and receive everybody at our first hackathon. sucessfull operation for all, and looking forward to prepare the second edition. thanks @Oleg to visit us, coach teams and share his experience and energy ! the teaser video is coming soon. see you in lausanne in one month !

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PS : thinking to organise a specific hackathon for ski resort / mountain data / lift … we ll see :wink:

What Didier means by “in lausanne in one month” is, of course, Opendata.ch/2016.

@Didier it would be great if you could share some info about the other projects of the hackathon, whose teams I had less interaction with. People have been asking me about especially about activities related to the ecology and how hackathons can support this.

yep ok i will, i just need few time to organise all that (recup the powerpoint, etc). next week i think it ll be ok.

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