[12.+19.11] TTN Bern

We host a number of grassroots communities in the Effinger coworking space, and it’s about time that the Open IoT topic found its way into the building. At our meetup on a Tuesday night in a couple of weeks, you can see what kind of gateways and sensors we are working on, learn to make your own nodes and dashboards.

Please Note: we will be having a small meetup in the back of the Kaffeebar (also known as the Lounge) one week earlier, on Tuesday November 12, to test the gateway and do some set up for the workshop. You do not need to sign up, just come out if you want to help.

If you’re coming for the full workshop on Tuesday November 19, please register here.

For some background, see earlier discussions in the community:

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For anyone watching this thread: please be aware that there will be a small meet up next week, on Tuesday 12.11., followed by a full workshop on the following Tuesday 19.11. See updated information above.