[11-12.12] Hack4SocialGood

#Hack4SocialGood – an innovations workshop for inclusive digitalization taking place in June, is hosted by BFH with participation from social workers, charities and non-profits, organized by a team of social scientists with my support on behalf of Open Knowledge. You can already sign up here:

Some background on the exchanges that took place in preparation here:

I am looking forward to this as a big milestone. Thanks for the interest, and stay tuned!

After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the event until 11-12 of December 2020. A social hack in the pre-Christmas period actually fits quite well. Please save the date, and visit the BFH website for details.

Details about the upcoming Hack4SocialGood are available in English here:

We are still keen to see people from digital sustainability and social work communities sign up by the December 3 deadline, at which point there will be opportunities to get started with the online set up. Please don’t hesitate to let me know or just follow the links on that page if you’re interested!