[1.-6.3] Geo.Hackmin Week

Open data has become a March tradition in the grooves of Pi Day, Summer time or Twitterversary, among more traditional :four_leaf_clover: festivities. We have had excellent *.03.* events here over the years, the 03.2017 hackathon organized by @heidi being a shining example. Let’s not let 2021 slide without marking the occasion on Open Data Day: this spring, thanks to geo.admin.ch and cividi.ch, we have a week of mappy virtual escapades to look ahead to!

Geo.Hackmin Week

Online, 1-6 March, 2021

Just in time for international Open Data Day, numerous new geo-datasets and corresponding web services of the Swiss Confederation (in particular, from the Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo) will be made available free of charge on 01.03.2021. We are cividi - a civic tech startup developing open urban data platforms - organizing a week of virtual activities open to everyone.

Read more & sign up at :arrow_right: cividi.ch/geohackmin

The snow of yesterday
that fell like cherry blossoms
is water once again.

– Gozan :cherry_blossom: ~1789, trans. Hoffman 1996

A repost:

A tweet:

A sneak preview:

Happy Monday! T-7 days remaining :tada:

Following the official March 1 announcements, we got going with introductions and discussions in our virtual platform and live stream. See you in the space!


Today’s highlights were the first projects starting to take shape on the platform and a stunning presentation of next-generation mapping platforms:

Look for the posters in the team spaces, and interact with them to see what people are working on!

Screenshot from 2021-03-02 13-43-58

Happy #OpenDataDay :tada:

We are working on finishing our pitches, which will be :movie_camera: live-streamed at 15:00 today. Here is some coverage of the past days at #geohackmin:

Last week shot by with a bang :airplane: and together with amazing contributors to the event we’ve managed to liven things up a notch. Here are the vital stats, along with a couple of highlights from the weekend finale.

Many thanks to @swiss_geoportal for the live coverage. Please follow and RT!

Browse all the results directly at https://dribdat.cividi.space or visit our virtual platform https://gather.cividi.space and find out how we set up the GeoHackmin spaces here.