[1.-6.3] Geo.Hackmin Week

Open data has become a March tradition in the grooves of Pi Day, Summer time or Twitterversary, among more traditional :four_leaf_clover: festivities. We have had excellent *.03.* events here over the years, the 03.2017 hackathon organized by @heidi being a shining example. Let’s not let 2021 slide without marking the occasion on Open Data Day: this spring, thanks to geo.admin.ch and cividi.ch, we have a week of mappy virtual escapades to look ahead to!

Geo.Hackmin Week

Online, 1-6 March, 2021

Just in time for international Open Data Day, numerous new geo-datasets and corresponding web services of the Swiss Confederation (in particular, from the Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo) will be made available free of charge on 01.03.2021. We are cividi - a civic tech startup developing open urban data platforms - organizing a week of virtual activities open to everyone.

Read more & sign up at :arrow_right: cividi.ch/geohackmin

The snow of yesterday
that fell like cherry blossoms
is water once again.

– Gozan :cherry_blossom: ~1789, trans. Hoffman 1996

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